This year, make a resolution that you can keep, and keep your dog looking ( and smelling!) fresh and clean with Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming! 

Benefits of Grooming 

Not only does grooming your pet remove any excess fur from their coat (and keep hair off of your clothes and furniture), but it also helps distribute oils from the skin to the fur, keeping your pet’s coat healthy, shiny, and well-kept! Brushing and grooming also promote good blood circulation and has a calming effect on your pet. 

Grooming is also the perfect opportunity to check for any matted fur, dry skin, fleas, or anything that might be causing your pet discomfort. Most pets love to be groomed and pampered, so make sure to schedule in some grooming time this New Year! Grooming your pet in-between appointments can also become a relaxing bonding experience for both you and your pet. 

Why Visit a Professional Groomer This Year? 

A professional groomer knows how to trim your pet’s hair so your best friend will look their best. Not only that, but they know what kind of shampoo to use for your specific breed’s coat so it will stay healthy and shiny! 

During your pet’s grooming appointment, our experienced groomers at Woof Gang might spot issues that you might not have found, such as fleas, patches of dry skin, or even a lump that is hard to spot within your pet’s fur. 

Here are some grooming tips that will keep your dog looking and feeling his best this coming New Year:

  • Teach your dog to love grooming. If you make it enjoyable, your dog will view grooming time as a treat rather than something to fear or shy away from. 

  • Get to know your dog’s coat type. This can be quite helpful in-between grooming sessions if you need to give your dog a bath. Make sure to use products that are made for dogs and not people due to differences in pH balance. 

  • Before bathtime, brush your dog’s coat to get any dead hair out. 

  • Don’t skimp on dental hygiene. 

  • Nail trimming is essential and should be done each time your pet gets a bath. 

  • Brush your pet in-between grooming appointments. 

  • Don’t wait too long in-between grooming visits. 

  • Don’t force it. If you are trying to groom your dog at home and he is totally stressed out, don’t force it. Be aware of his anxiety and bring him to a professional groomer who knows how to handle dogs in a stressful situation. 

Professional Dog Grooming Clearwater, Florida 

Pamper your pooch in style this New Year, with a grooming appointment at Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming in Clearwater, FL! Woof Gang Grooming offers the ultimate calming spa experience for your best friend where your pet will be groomed, indulged, and revitalized. Book your appointment online today, or give us a call at (727) 202-5312. Your furry friend will thank you!