Let’s face it--- figuring out what you’re wearing for yourself for Halloween is a difficult enough task, but wanting to dress up Fido brings a whole added layer of stress. No worries, pet parents, we’ve compiled the best DIY costume ideas for dogs and even a few amazon links just in case you can’t be bothered. Enjoy!   


Ghosts and Ghouls   

Ah, a classic! Ever seen a single movie, or perhaps I don’t know, been a kid?    

You know the drill: grab that white sheet and cut some holes! Just make sure there aren’t any hanging pieces for your pup to trip on and that the holes are big enough for them to see and breathe comfortably.    


Dino Dog   

One of the super adorable options on this list of dog Halloween costumes is a super simple dinosaur suit. Grab a dog hoodie, some felt, and a hot glue gun. Simply cut the felt into diamond-shaped spikes and glue away.    

Still can’t visualize it? Check out this tutorial.    



Keep it basic but still crafty with your favorite superhero! Some felt and glue can easily be made into the mask of your choice. Another super-easy option is grabbing a piece of fabric and crafting a dog cape. Just make sure you cut a strip to tie that cape on comfortably.    


Dancing Dog   

Grab some to toile and some pretty pink dog hairbows and make a pink puppy tutu (or any other color, we don’t discriminate!) It’s truly that easy, not to mention incredibly cute.    



The final costume option is our personal favorite inspired by our friends at rover! You need white fabric, a small pillow with a red pillowcase and a black ribbon and band. Just stack the white fabric and the pillow and tie the black band around your pup. Yummy and cute as can be for a dog Halloween costume.   



Don’t have the time to DIY?   


Here is a shortlist of some of our favorite Halloween costume ideas for dogs, for our busier pet parents -- and trust us, they’re just as cute! 




UPS Delivery Dog Costume                    Walking teddy bear pet costume   




Pet Guitar Dog Costume                        Mickey and friends Pet Costume   



Octopus Pet Costume                          Knife Pet Costume Accessories   



We hope we provided some solid Halloween costume ideas for dogs. Your woof gang staff is wishing you and your pups the best Halloween from spooooky to silly.   


 Be sure to tag us on our Instagram with your full get-up to be featured! Happy Halloween!