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If you are {welcoming|adding} a new {puppy|pup} into your home, one of the first items on your is {list|checklist} is {probably|likely} going to be housetraining; however, even {older|more mature|mature} dogs {might|could|can} have {frequent|recurring|common|persistent|routine} {accidents|incidents}. {If|In case|In the event that} you are {looking|searching} for ways to {handle|deal with|manage|take care of|take on|address|tackle} housetraining or {accidents|mishaps|incidents} at home, Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Clearwater is here to help you. We {stock|have|carry|sell} {a variety|a range|a selection|an assortment|a wide array} of {products|items|solutions} that can {help|assist} you with all of your housetraining needs. We {provide|offer|supply} {products|solutions} {ranging|varying} from potty pads to stain cleaners and even odor removers. You can count on us to {help|assist} you if your {dog|puppy|pup} {vomits|throws up}, {pees|goes to the bathroom} in the house, or has a full-on accident. 

Tips for Housetraining {a Puppy|a Pup|a New Puppy|a Young Pup}:

When you {decide|think} it is time to {start|begin|kick off} the housetraining process, there are a few {tips|suggestions|ideas|pointers|recommendations|techniques|strategies|methods} that you should {follow|think about|consider}.

It is {important|essential|crucial|vital} to be patient. {Remember|Keep in mind|Bear in mind|Always remember} that your {puppy|young puppy|pup} is getting adjusted to {a new|a brand-new} {home|place} and this can be {a stressful|a hectic|a nerve-racking} experience. 

{Try|Make an effort} to {establish|develop|set up|create|start|practice} a routine with your {puppy|young puppy|pup|new puppy}. Take your {puppy|young puppy|pup} {out|outside} every couple of hours and {always|consistently} go out after eating, drinking, sleeping, or playing. {Pick|Choose|Select|Decide on} {a designated|an assigned} {spot|area|place|location} to use the bathroom outside. {Always|Consistently|Regularly|Make sure you} take your puppy there to {help|assist|allow|enable} him or her get {used|accustomed} to that {location|place|area|spot}.

Reward your {puppy|young puppy|pup|new puppy} for {going potty|using the bathroom} outside. By rewarding your {puppy|young puppy|pup} outside, he or she will {know|understand|recognize|learn|realize} that they have done a good job.

Products for Housetraining {a Dog|a Pooch}:

If you are looking to housetrain {a puppy|a young puppy|a pup} or {help|assist} the {health|well being} of {an older|a more mature|a mature} dog, there are a few {products|items} that you will {need|want|want to have}. These {include|consist of|include things like}:

Dog treats for rewarding the dog after a job well done.

{A crate|A kennel} to {prevent|avoid|help prevent|reduce the chances of|minimize the risk of} accidents from happening at night.

Potty pads for dogs that use the bathroom inside.

Stain and odor removers after an accident.

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